Monday’s Bright Spot – Name calling at it’s finest

One autumn Monday morning, I left the room for a minute to hang up my jacket and talk to a parent.  I’m not sure what the teacher did to make the children crazy while I was gone (obviously it was her fault they were silly, right? 😉 ) but when I came back in all I heard was . . . Continue reading


Monday’s Bright Spot – Honest Kids

Monday's Bright Spot On the Thursdays that I do not substitute teach, I work in the lunchroom for Preschool/PreK lunch and I work the after school program.  I was surprised at how much I have enjoyed working at lunch.  My job there is to walk around to make sure the kiddos are behaving and helping them open things, etc.  I’ve gotten to meet a lot of sweet kids this way and they make me so happy!

One such Thursday, I went to help a class that I sub in a lot.  I was enjoying catching up with all the kids as they were telling me all sorts of stories. Continue reading

NYC on a budget!

You may remember a month back when I posted about the AMAZING flight deal my husband found for NYC.  Well, last Saturday we packed our backs and hit the road for O’Hare International Airport.  We got to New York late Saturday night and left early on Wednesday.   It was an amazing trip and a surprisingly inexpensive vacation (for being in a tourist trap big city!)

NYC on a budget!

NYC on a budget!

Since I have been giving tips on finances and how we as recent college grads make the most of our money, I thought this trip would be a great example to show you how you can travel for cheap if you save throughout the year.  We have been putting $50 a month towards a travel fund.  If we have leftover money at the end of the month and have paid a significant chunk towards our debts, we put it in our travel fund as well.  By doing this, we pre-paid for our vacation.  We paid cash for everything accept for the flights as well.   It was great feeling to enjoy ourselves without breaking the bank!

How much we spent:Including all flights, transportation, accommodations, food, museums, souvenirs, etc we were able to spend just under $450.

How we did it:   Continue reading