She’s Baaaack!!

Hello there!

I know, I’ve been missing for ages.  I decided to take the summer off to work on some of my goals and to regroup, but I did miss blogging, so now that school is up and running, here I am!

This summer was wonderful for me.  I worked with preschoolers for three days a week and the other days were just for me.  It was so good.  I finally learned some ASL – a goal I have had since elementary school! I have loved it, but I know I need to keep reviewing it, because right now,  I am having some issues retaining it!

I also accomplished a few random goals – setting up the new apartment, preparing for my new job (more on that later), reading books I’ve been meaning to read for years (like Harry Potter!).  All in all, this summer was great for me!

I plan on bringing back the Monday Pick Me Ups (usually quotes from my students who crack me up!) along with Thrifty Thursday and hopefully one or two other posts throughout the week about life and teaching!

I hope you will join me on this fun adventure!



One thought on “She’s Baaaack!!

  1. How did you work on ASL? I have wanted to learn ever since I got to Wartburg, and I wasn’t allowed to take the May Term class. I am still super interested and just can’t seem to figure out a way to work on it in Northern Iowa.


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