Who are you again?

Happy Monday, everyone!

I recently started teaching Sunday School at my church, and I have overlap of a few kiddos from school who also go to church with me!  Sometimes it takes my students a few minutes to figure out how they no me, but usually not as long as one of my girls, Callie.

Me: Hi, Callie!
Callie: *look of near fear and total confusion*

Me: Hi, Callie!
Callie: *same confused look*  Oh . . . look . . . *points and walks on*

Me: Hi, Callie!
Callie: MOM! Is that Mrs. Osegard?!?!

🙂 It’s hard to believe that teachers don’t leave school! Monday's Bright Spot


Summer Update!

This summer, I stayed away from blogging.  I wanted to take time to accomplish some of my other goals.

Being on my own as an adult (Adult? Do I seriously qualify? Whatever!), I realized that I hadn’t accomplished much of anything I wanted to.  I always said I would learn another language (or three), I wanted to learn piano, guitar, and ukulele, I had a list of books and movies I had always wanted to check out. . . the only things I felt I had “accomplished” were getting my degree and surviving the first year of marriage and my job.

So this summer I made a list of a bunch of things I was interested in.  I read books (including Harry Potter. . . only a decade plus behind that trend!), I made new foods, I worked on ASL and Spanish and I played music!

I'm working on a new me.  Not because the old me is bad, but because the old me can improve.

I’m working on a new me. Not because the old me is bad, but because the old me can improve.

I’m no where near where I want to be, but I’m on the way. I am now trying to carry this on.  I’ve made goals for the school year too.  I’m working on devotions, we have joined a small group, I am keeping the house clean, and I am working out more.  As the year goes on I am hoping to learn more music and pick up on ASL.  I am continuing reading books that encourage me and that I enjoy.

I hope that you will follow me along on this journey.  I’m bound to have some set backs, but I’m aiming for success!

What goals do you have?  What do you need to do make your goals a priority and to follow through?

Monday's Bright Spot

Monday’s Bright Spot – The Circus Freak

Recently, I have started teaching Early Ed at my church as well.  Some of my students from school attend the same church as me, and their reactions all vary when they see me in church.  Often times, it is no big deal, and the kids just wave and smile.   Sometimes it is a little confusing, and they keep asking me at school if I remember seeing them at church.

Featured image One little girl didn’t recognize me the first week she saw me.  I said hi to her and she just looked away.  I saw her this week and she stared at me, pointed, and said “Hey, look!”. I said hi to her and she kept walking and staring at me like I was some circus freak.  There was no “hey! That’s my teacher!” just “Hey, look!”

Gotta love these sweet kiddos!

Monday’s Bright Spot – Look-a-likes!

I have a new job this year.  I teach music, library, and computer to all of earlyMonday's Bright Spoteducation.   It was super confusing at first for the kiddos, because computer and library are in the Media Center, but music is in a different room.  The students couldn’t always figure out which special they were in, but I thought by this week they all had the hang of it.

Today, one of my classes was lining up from computer, and a sweet little girl looked up at me and said, “You look JUST like my music teacher!”

Hmm, I wonder why! 🙂

She’s Baaaack!!

Hello there!

I know, I’ve been missing for ages.  I decided to take the summer off to work on some of my goals and to regroup, but I did miss blogging, so now that school is up and running, here I am!

This summer was wonderful for me.  I worked with preschoolers for three days a week and the other days were just for me.  It was so good.  I finally learned some ASL – a goal I have had since elementary school! I have loved it, but I know I need to keep reviewing it, because right now,  I am having some issues retaining it!

I also accomplished a few random goals – setting up the new apartment, preparing for my new job (more on that later), reading books I’ve been meaning to read for years (like Harry Potter!).  All in all, this summer was great for me!

I plan on bringing back the Monday Pick Me Ups (usually quotes from my students who crack me up!) along with Thrifty Thursday and hopefully one or two other posts throughout the week about life and teaching!

I hope you will join me on this fun adventure!


Thrifty Thursday 03 – Meal Planning!

When I first began this blog, my biggest request was for how we save money on groceries.   Right now, the two of us spend under $200 each month on groceries.  I know this isn’t an outstanding number, but I don’t think it’s too shabby either!  The next few weeks I will be focusing on how we keep a decent food budget!

Meal planning, Thrifty Thursday, Financial Peace, Frugal MealsFirst up is meal planning! Here is my process each week:  Continue reading

10 strange things about Minnesotans

1) It’s MinnesOta not MinnesoTA. Leviosa

Minnesotans are proud of their accents. You betcha. But crack a joke about basically living in Canada? Don’t you dare!

2) Everything I once called a casserole is now a hot dish. fancy

If it isn’t made in a specifically designated casserole dish, it is a hot dish. Apparently.

3) Forget Duck, Duck, Goose.  You will now play Duck, Duck, Grey Duck.ridiculous

My husband says the “fun” in this is that you can now trick people by saying “Duck, Duck, GREEN duck” or something.

4) You must be a Vikings fan, unless you live almost on the border of Wisconsin, in which case rooting for the Packers is acceptable.gosports

Not that I’m a big sports fan in general, but I miss in-state rivalries.  Iowa vs Iowa State is WAY more exciting than being expected to root for your state!

5) Topic #1 in conversation is traffic.  How was your drive? Did you take 494? How is 52 today? You live in Town A . . . isn’t that about a 12 minute drive?


I’m still new around here, so I haven’t the faintest idea which way is the best way to get from point A to Point B.  Nor do I care if 52 is a little backed up heading south today.  Maybe it’s a big city thing.

6) Minnesotans hate Iowa. hate

Hate it I tell you. Just don’t remind anyone that Okoboji is in Iowa.  They like Okoboji.

7) Living here takes the fun out of the Mall of America. runaway

I just laugh, because I remember being super jealous of friends who made weekend trips to the mall, and now that I live here, we avoid it like the plague most of the time.

8) All of the sports teams here are pretty much awful, but they are still diehard fans.Icantwin

This one I understand. I’m a Cubs fan (just please don’t tell the Minnesotans that!).

9) Goodbyes take forever.saveyourselves

I don’t know why, but it seems that when you say goodbye to someone the first time, it means another 10-20 minutes before you ACTUALLY part ways.  If you have the chance to leave at the first goodbye TAKE IT IMMEDIATELY or you will never leave.

10) I’m so excited to stay here!!


Minnesota has it’s quirks, but I absolutely love it!