Thrifty Thursday 02 – Getting out of Debt

Our first step in our journey to feeling financially stable and free was to get a small emergency fund of $1000. We did that basically immediately and moved on to what will likely be the most challenging step for us – getting out of debt. Continue reading


Thrifty Thursday 01 – Emergency Fund

Creating and emergency fund, budgeting, thrifty Thursday

Creating and emergency fund, budgeting, thrifty Thursday

To kick of 2015, Cody and I realized that we wanted to totally figure out our finances.  We have a lot of debt, and we are still fairly new to the world of bills and other financial responsibilities.  We got connected with a Financial Peace University Class and have felt really good about the progress we are making so far!

The first step was to make an emergency fund, because we all know emergencies will happen – anything from the heat going out in our car on a day when the temp is 30 degrees below zero (happened this winter!) to the possibility of an unexpected medical expense.    The recommended first step is to start with a small emergency fund of $1000.     We were lucky enough to have saved up closer to $3000 in our savings, so we removed $2000 and put that towards step two (coming next week!).

Although it wouldn’t save us in a huge emergency, having this money at hand gives us peace of mind that while we are still in debt, we are still covered in case something were to come up!

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Budget for Two, Please!

This week, amidst moving, I am planning on launching a new segment on my blog – Thrifty Thursdays.  In this I will walk through our journey using Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University as well as our tips, successes, and failures and saving money.

One thing we knew we needed before we even got married was a budget. We both have a tendency to be savers, but to be okay with the “occasional” $10 purchase here, $5 purchase there and when there are two of us doing that – it adds up!

We started with a spreadsheet.  I am super organized so I loved it, but it was stressful sometimes too.  A lot of times it felt more like it was a snapshot of where our money had already gone instead of a tool for saving our money.

While we were in Financial Peace University, I got an email asking me to be a part of a beta test for a new budgeting tool called Every Dollar. Continue reading

Grady Paul Larson – Part 1

I have a dead brother.

It’s a fact about me – but not really an icebreaker, “get to know you” type of fact, so not a lot of people in my life know this now. It’s been a weird change for me.  As we are coming up on the 13th anniversary of my brother Grady’s death, I’ve been thinking about this a lot and how much my life has changed since then even just in the way I handle my missing my lil’ bro.  Continue reading

Monday’s Bright Spot: Easter Edition

This Easter Sunday, I had the privilege of sharing the gospel with large group of 3-5 year olds.  I got to play with them, sing and dance with them, listen to the Easter Story with them, and talk about what Jesus did for us with them.  It was great, and obviously opened the doors for some great quotes, as every situation with this age does! I thought I would share a few of them with you this week!  Continue reading