Thrifty Thursday 03 – Meal Planning!

When I first began this blog, my biggest request was for how we save money on groceries.   Right now, the two of us spend under $200 each month on groceries.  I know this isn’t an outstanding number, but I don’t think it’s too shabby either!  The next few weeks I will be focusing on how we keep a decent food budget!

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Food, Glorious Food

My (surprisingly small this week) pile of grocery list making resources!

Today is grocery shopping day in our home.  We love food around here. We love cooking and baking (and we really love eating).  Right off the bat in our marriage, we knew that we needed to be smart about how much we were spending, or our stomaches would be full and our bank account empty.

How do we keep our costs down? (I’ll post more on each of these in future posts)

1) Meal plans
2) Price book
3) Coupons
4) Leftovers
5) Stocking up
6) Creativity
7) Plan, plan, plan

Right now, for the two of us, we spend <$200 a month on groceries, and that is a number we may be able to lower with a little more work on perfecting this list.

What methods do you use to keep your grocery bills down?